Offcourse, any software isn't bugfree :-), so A:M and the plugin also not . At this time I know 2 problems with A:M and this plugin, so I would share my knowledge.

Problem with HTypeProperties

This problem is solved with A:M V12.0s , so update to this version .

Problem with hitting the Escape key and a "Static with Action", that have "Newton_" or "Explode_" groups

If you canceling the simulation with the Escape key and a "Static with Action" with "Newton_" or "Explode_" groups is used in the simulation , it can occurs that A:M will crash .At htis time I'm searching the cause for this problem.
The only workaround at this time , don't use the Escape key with such a constellation .

Problem , when the "Object Render Mode" for a model in the simulation is set to "Hidden"

In this case a messagebox appears and the simulation run is aborted . At this time it is not possible to check the state for this propertie from inside the plugin , a sdk addition is needed for this .
If this occurs , set the "Object Render Mode" to something other then "Hidden" or set the "Use in simulation" property to "Off" .