Examples for Midi

Simple examples to clarify around which one with the plugin so everything still, except poses and actions, steer can .
Movie 1 MB (MPEG2)
Used attitudes
Model1.Translate.Y Track3 Note Match Note #D2 minValue 0 maxValue150 in 4 out 2 Hold 2
Model1.Rotate.Y Track1 Note minNote C1 maxNote C5 minValue 0 maxValue 360 Hold 1
Model1.Group1.Material1.Attribute.Surface.Ambiance Track2 Volume minVolume 0 maxVolume 127 minValue 0 maxValue100 Hold off
Light1.Color Track2 Volume minVolume0 maxVolume 127 minColor Rot maxColor Gelb Hold off
Light2.Intensity Track3 Note match Note D1 minValue 25 maxValue 200 in 4 out 4 Hold1
Model3.Material3.HairEmitter.Length Track3 Note match Note C1 minValue10 maxValue 50 in 4 out 4 Hold1
Movie 500 kb (MPEG2)
Used attitudes
Model1.Pathconstraint.Ease Track2 Volume minVolume0 maxVolume127 minValue0 maxValue100 Hold off
Channel Reduce Linear
Model1.Surface.DiffuseColor Track1 Note minNote C1 maxNote C#5 Color Hold off
Model3.Active Track1 Note minNote C2 maxNote C3 Value on Hold off
Complex examples
no0neMovie 15 MB 1min (!!XVid coded!!)
Movie 15 MB 1min (MPEG2)
This example project was provided by no0ne (his homepage) still during the development phase of the plugin. Owing to its assistance also some bug's were eliminated, as well as inserted extensions.

Here which he wrote to its example in german A:M user forum

as some received surely,
the test developed within one week with plugin
inspired by animusic videos :-) however reliably are not enough so professionally
BTW the drums are from alain desrochers

projekt1Movie 15MB 3 min (!!XVid coded!!)
Movie 15MB 3min (MPEG2)
That was my first example project, here each action by the midifile is steered. However the attitudes I did not note, so that I must remain guilty here it. This project served mainly to examine the correct function of the plugin.

About XVid
This codec on can download as binarie e.g. Nic's XviD Binaries (for windows), the Homepage of the Xvid developers contains only the source for the codec ,so that one must compile oneself these for different systems, unfortunatley I so far still no decoder for Mac's as being found,therefore have I these movies reencoded as Mpeg-2 .

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